Tsumego Challenge 2017 For SDK Player!

I found an interesting tsumego (life and death) problem.
Believe me, its not as easy as you think~~
*kill white
*B first step on 2-2 is good move, but whats next?

Free Download Tsumego Life and Death Problem Collection (SGF)

Tsumego For Daily Use

Now its time to do more tsumego! Here I make some life & death problem collection into 1 package. Total 3500 problems in SGF format. Some of problems collection already shared in previous post.

Ultimate Go Problem Collection (SGF)

A Must Have Collection for Serious Go Player

Finally! After long time research about "the most effective way to become dan player", here is my private tsumego collection for you!

This package also contains rare file that is very difficult to find on internet.

Finally, AlphaGo VS Alphago Game Review Series!

Michael Redmond 9P has started his AlphaGo VS AlphaGo game review series.
Find it on Youtube AGA channel !

SGF Collection Updated! Don't Forget to Bookmark!

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1400 Commented Pro Games Collection (SGF)

Understanding Pro Player's Moves

All commented moves make you understand Go better. There are total 1463 pro games, commentary in English. If you want to learn pro moves, this collection is for you! Very recommended for SDK & Shodan player. Open the sgf file with sgf editor like Multigo.

credit: GoGameWorld.com (it seems GoGameWorld.com is no longer available.)
download here
password rar: shinkaya.blogspot.com

Why Tsumego is So Important?

In ancient China, people were not scoring territory at all, but instead just the stones on the board. So originally, Go was about "gaining life for as many stones as possible" instead of territory. Building a territory - i.e. an area where no opponent's stones are able to live - was just one strategy to secure life for many stones later. In other words, Go was just about life & death!

When the Japanese changed the rules to territory scoring as they found this more elegant than scoring stones, the rules of Go were cut apart from the original idea, which lead to the widespread misbelief among amateurs that Go would basically be about just fencing in points.

239 Graded Go Problems For Beginner (SGF)

A must have life&death problem collection for Newbie

If you just started playing Go, then this problem collection is for you! Commentary in English, its  easy to self-taught. You can also use this problem collection to teach your kid or other player who just started playing Go.
Download here

Need more tsumego? Find more in this site.

Genran, Japanese Classic Go Problem Collection (SGF)

Collection of Life And Death Problem For Genius Go Player 

Akaboshi Intetsu (1810 - October 19, 1835) was a Japanese professional 7 dan Go player. The blood-vomiting game is a famous game of go of the Edo period of Japan, played on June 27, 1835 between Honinbo Jowa (white) and Intetsu Akaboshi (black). It is noted for the three ghost moves that were allegedly given to Jowa during the game by ghosts, and for the premature death of the go prodigy Intetsu Akaboshi who died soon after coughing up blood onto the board after the game. Akaboshi authored the Genran, a collection of tsumego, published in 1833.

Tsumego Life & Death Problem For DDK Player (SGF)

Another collection for Double Digit Kyu Player (20kyu~10kyu). Cho Chikun Encyclopedia Life and Death - Elementary contains 900 problems. You can improve your skill by solving tsumego daily. Don't forget to use good app such as Gogrinder to customize your daily problems.

Download the SGF file here

Weiqi Life and Death 1000 Problems (SGF)

Weiqi Life and Death 1000 Problems is a Chinese tsumego & tesuji book edited by Wang Zhipeng  and published by Beijing Sport University Press in 2000. It is 385-pages in length with 1000-problems & solutions. The problems are categorized into two main sections: tsumego and tesuji; then further broken into 10 and 15 thematic subsections respectively.

AlphaGo Selfplay 50 Games - God of Go (SGF)

AlphaGo is a computer go program developed by the Google company DeepMind. It was the first program to reach pro level. In Jan 2016 it was reported that AlphaGo had played a match against the European champion Fan Hui (in Oct 2015) and won 5-0.

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